Charge Entry and Charge Audit

Charge Entry

Inadequate documentation of care can result in revenue leakage — leading to millions of dollars in lost income. While implementing proper charge capture, workflow solutions can assist in minimising instances of revenue loss.

Our charge entry professionals perform a high volume of charge entry transactions with remarkable accuracy due to their expertise in numerous specialties and Revenue Cycle Platforms. The client portal at Synthesis Healthcare provides easy communication across our teams, resulting in a flawless end-to-end procedure.

Heading Sub Title

Charge Audit

Utilize Synthesis Healthcare’s Charge Audit services to uncover skipped charges, instances of excessive billing, and coding problems that resulted in revenue loss.

We approach the following with an analytical mind-set:

health analytics

patient registration & demographics

Obtaining complete and precise data from patients at the point of service and effectively capturing it in your revenue cycle system is critical not just for revenue cycle performance, but also for multivariate population health analytics.

Inaccurate patient demographic data acquisition results in claim denials and, subsequently, delayed payments. According to research, healthcare institutions lose a significant portion of their annual revenue as a result of demographic data entry errors. Establishing a clear and standardised approach for gathering accurate demographic data collection results in an improvement in the rate of clean claim submissions while decreasing payment delays and denials. Improve accuracy and optimise your revenue cycle by utilising Synthesis Healthcare’s Patient Registration Services.

Take comfort in the knowledge that you have a partner who understands the complexities of revenue cycle management and business processes, as well as an entire team of process experts, on your side. Our team is dedicated to gaining a thorough understanding of your organization’s functions, from the highest level to the most minute details, and assisting you in achieving absolute efficiency.