Welcome to Synthesis HealthSoft

Synthesis HealthSoft is a premier BPO company capable of providing end-to-end healthcare services to both payers and providers. To combat rising healthcare costs, shortage of skilled and certified resources, ever-changing regulations, rising technology costs, and increasing market competition, corporations are looking to outsource functions to a location where these challenges can be managed at a lower cost. The corporate can expand business and market share while the outsourcing partner manages the challenges.

Serving new and evolving Payers in the mid-market segment of the US healthcare industries Self-Funded / Employer Group plans.

NITTANY Decision Services was founded in 1994 to provide medical transcription services. Acquired in 2000 by Mr Praween Napate A pioneer in the US healthcare BPO services domain Expanded offering to include the complete RCM cycle Coding, Billing, AR, Audit & Recovery, and Denial Management Was the early 2000’s industry leader in the healthcare domain Early stage Payer system development and small business initiated in 2022.

Synthesis HealthSoft, a strong word that encompasses numerous definitions of synergy and creation, was selected as the final name for the Healthcare business.

A new company was formed: Synthesis Healthcare Services LLP. It assumed all of the Healthcare domain businesses. It generated $5 million in revenue and has been profitable continuously since its inception. Its sole shareholder is Praween Napate. It is a zero-debt company. It operates out of two floors of the same original building where Nittany began. Its infrastructure, both technical and physical, is available to scale to three times its current size without additional investment.