Provider Data Management

Providers add true value to a business when they focus on client concerns and how to solve them through deep experience and analysis. Synthesis not only understands your challenges, but also provides long-term, comprehensive, and scalable solutions that positively impact your organization’s bottom line. Our broad pool of skilled resources can quickly start new engagements based on your specific needs.

Our in-house team is highly technical and understands how to design business rules, procedures, and administrative processes for payers. We combine technological and domain experiences to create exclusive platforms that help you grow your business quickly. Our programmes are highly customizable to meet your individual business needs. You will have access to standard and customizable reports, processes, and system validations, as well as the option to create custom validations.

Provider Enrolment

Synthesis HealthSoft have handful of experience in creating and handling complete Provider directory management when it comes to an individual provider, facility and as a doctors group. Ability services like Enrolment, credentialing, capitations setting, contract loading, rate configuration, W9 and 1099 support, IRS levy and member/provider Fraud and Abuse, etc…

Salient Features

Setting of Timely filing limit: Claims / Appeals submission

Switch on and off of Bundling rules or other processing rules based on contract