A note on our Founder, Praween Napate

Educational Qualification: An Engineer (IIT Bombay) & a Management graduate (IIM Calcutta)


Hobbies: Mountaineering, Scuba diving, Sky diving, Yacht sailing, Paragliding, Microlight etc!


Background: After an extremely successful professional career in Corporate Finance / Investment Banking, he went on to acquire Nittany and redefine the scope and business models for healthcare BPOs. He is considered a pioneer of the healthcare BPO domain in India. Even today, most of the business models and services offerings have not varied much in terms of ‘form’ from structures that were evolved by him.  He has traversed the length and breadth of USA and has been the key sales enabler for the entire domain that developed subsequently.


The other side of Praween, which is the more dominant one now, is that of the role of a Philanthropist. He is actively pursuing a few initiatives to empower people from disadvantaged, economically or otherwise, communities to either get an education or pay for one to ensure that the deserving among this population are not left wanting for lack of opportunity.


The business interests of Synthesis, of which he is the sole shareholder, lend strong support to these initiatives and the entire surplus profits of Synthesis, which belong to him, are deployed to grow these initiatives to scale and towards self sustenance.