AR and Denial Management

Synthesis provides an all-inclusive cohesive Accounts Receivable and Denial Management services. Our Accounts Receivable expertise in addressing complexed accounts and identify issues that may leaked in cash flow to recover funds owed to customers at the earliest.


Synthesis team has adequate experience in analyzing insurance correspondence to find, report, and communicate to payor requests, and utilizes the respective software to file appeals to payors and employer groups.


Synthesis provides data on clean-claims, analyzed report on denied claims, and follow-up patients for claims details and balances to expedite the cash movements and reduces the Accounts Receivable days.

Accounts Receivable Services

Reduce your unpaid debt while increasing revenue by implementing time-tested best practises and a proven procedure for collecting payments and reducing AR backlogs. As a result, more money is collected more quickly.

Rest assured

Rest assured that your Accounts Receivable (AR) objectives will be fulfilled, if not exceeded, by a team that understands your organization's requirements. We understand the final goal and work relentlessly to attain it, regardless of whether you are a medical billing company, hospital, or healthcare system.


Satisfaction is a prerequisite, but delight is the ultimate goal. Enhance your revenue cycle process from start to finish by discovering the root causes of AR backlogs, rather than just treating the symptoms. Exceed expectations and avert the problem before it begins.

Accounts Receivable

AR is a critical component of the revenue cycle. Utilize time-tested best practises and a streamlined approach to increase payment collection and decrease AR backlogs. As a result, more money is collected more quickly.

Best Practices

Synthesis Healthcare will conduct an analysis of your current AR processes to identify opportunities for improvement through the use of best practises. Profit from challenging the status quo by identifying and quantifying opportunities for improvement on a continuous basis.

A Holistic Approach

The revenue cycle can operate with the precision of a well-oiled machine. A holistic strategy enables the discovery and rectification of revenue cycle problems that result in a backlog of accounts receivables, basically preventing the problem from occurring.


Denial Management

Denial Management is a critical component of the health revenue cycle. When insurance companies decline an average of 9% of submitted claims, healthcare institutions must prioritise root cause and denial avoidance in order to maintain a healthy revenue flow.

Every Medical Practice Experiences Claim Denials.

What distinguishes excellent healthcare organisations from the rest is how they manage denials. Dealing with claim denials, on the other hand, can be a time-consuming chore that diverts a medical practice’s focus away from what matters most.


Denial management is an important part of maintaining a healthy cash flow and managing the revenue cycle. Synthesis Healthcare can help you quickly and simply identify the cause(s) of denials, reduce the risk of future denials, and get paid sooner.

Focus On What Matters

Healthcare organisations are paid to make people feel better, not to deal with insurance companies and figure out why a claim was denied. Use Synthesis Healthcare’s systematic best practises and tried-and-true methodology to improve your revenue cycle management, including the denial management process. Learn why claims are denied, how to avoid denials in the future, and how to get paid faster.

A Systematic, Hands – On Approach

Each patient is distinct in terms of the care they receive, and hence, each denied claim is equally unique. Synthesis Healthcare takes a systematic, hands-on approach to ensuring that each claim receives the attention it need to be addressed fast, while also following to a tight system and stated best practises. This leads in optimum outcomes and most effective collection.

A Synthesis Healthcare associate analyses and researches each claim to determine the best line of action.
Prioritize claims according to payer, amount, bill age, or other business rules to guarantee that maximum benefits are received.
Enhance the health of your practise and avert future denials with process enhancement tips.